Extending Deluge's Execute on Complete Functionality

08 Dec 2013

I run Deluge on one of my headless server instances to seed several different categories of torrent (Linux mint ISOs, etc) and I like to have completed torrents automatically copied back to my home NAS over FTP. To do this, I use the execute plugin for Deluge to execute a shell script upon download completion.

Files in different categories get saved to separate directories, so I wrote a shell script to identify completed torrents by the directory they were saved in and FTP them to a specified directory on my server.

The script can be found on my GitHub here:

The HOST, USER, and PASS variables should be filled in with your credentials. The paths in the if statements can then be changed to reflect the directories that your torrents are saved in and the directories you want them sent to with FTP as shown in the following example.

if [ "/delugeData/UbuntuISO" == "$torrentpath" ]
	echo "This is an UbuntuISO torrent, sending with FTP" >> ~/execute_script.log
	if [ -f "$torrentpath/$torrentname" ]
			echo "     Torrent is a single file" >> ~/execute_script.log
			lftp -u $USER,$PASS $HOST -e "cd /Storage/UbuntuISO/; put \"$torrentpath/$torrentname\"; quit" &>> ~/execute_script.log
			echo "     Torrent is a folder" >> ~/execute_script.log
			lftp -u $USER,$PASS $HOST -e "mirror -P4 -R \"$torrentpath/$torrentname\" /Storage/UbuntuISO/; quit" &>> ~/execute_script.log